5 Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People

Good morning!

How can you in the busy daily life eat healthier? I know it is hard, but not impossible.

I used to find complicated to eat healthy during the week. I work full-time and study at the same time… so you can imagine, my days need at least 48h! 😦 When in the morning I had to commute to Luzern, I had to take the train already at 7:00, and ended grasping anything in the train station. I preferred to sleep longer than having breakfast at home 😉 This ended not only being expensive, but also I started being a bit grumpy. I missed the breakfast I used to have at home, nutritious and healthy. Taking into account that I like knowing what I eat, I do not buy ready to go porridges etc. in the supermarket.

Then, every two hours I was getting hungry, and what did I have as snack? Delicious swiss chocolate. I like it, but not to eat everyday! Unfortunately, when you are hungry your body wants to the fastest sugar intake he can get. And normally this “fastest intake” is not the healthiest option 😦

Additionally, I realized that the busy days I was not drinking enough water…. So I finally decided to start being organized not only in my career and studies, but also health-wise. And it worked! For that reason I would like to share with you some tips you may find useful if you want to have a healthier lifestyle like I do.

1. Take away breakfast

First thing you need to learn if you want to have a healthier lifestyle is that you must invest some time on it! People usually ask me how long it takes me to prepare my breakfasts (check on my instagram). And I always answer: less than what you think! and it is true 🙂 or maybe is that I enjoy so much preparing them that time flies 😉

For example you can take one hour (or less!) of your Sunday afternoon to prepare the breakfast jars for the following 3 days. If you storage them in the fridge they will definitely last. I started with porridge, then smoothies, and eventually chia puddings and acai bowls. My colleagues ask me sometimes why I am always in a good humor, and well, having these beauties for breakfast… who would not be happy? 😉

Take away Mint Schokolade
5 Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People, Mint Schokolade

If you live in Zürich and you want to have a breakfast jar like the ones below delivered, please contact us 🙂

2. TAKE AWAY Smoothies

I honestly do not trust in the nutrition quality of the already made smoothies sold in the supermarkets. How many vitamins and minerals are left? …For this reason I prefer to make my own smoothies, storage them on the fridge (not more than 3 days), and have them for breakfast or as snack 🙂

In addition, as sometimes we do not eat enough green vegetables, I started adding spinach to my smoothies. In this way, I have the green smoothie the days I see I have no vegetables for lunch.

Take away smoothies, Mint Schokolade
5 Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People, Mint Schokolade
3. Buy fruits

Avoid buying processed food, and buy some fruits. Banana, apple and pear work really well with me, and orange as a dessert. The best would be to buy them when you are still not super hungry, but the hunger is coming closer and closer. Because, as previously mentioned, when you are extremely hungry, the body will ask you to get the most unhealthy food 😉

5 Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People
5 Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People, Mint Schokolade
4. Look for healthy snacks

Have walnuts, almonds or cashews always with you! Even if they are high in fats, remember that NOT all fats are bad! and our body needs fat intake.

Nuts are rich in monounsaturated, that they replace the saturated fats and help consequently lowering the cholesterol. They are also a good Omega-6 fats source. According to the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA), Omega-6 fats have been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease when they are consumed in place of saturated and trans fats.

So… what are you waiting for? Buy your nuts and have them with you in the bag 🙂

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
5 Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People, Mint Schokolade
5. Drink

Drink, drink, drink!! I do not advice you to drink just because it is good for your health, but also because it helps you to eat more moderated. I try to eat every 2h and half / 3 hours, rather small meals than big ones. Mostly because if I have big lunch, I will fall sleep in front of the computer 😀

Every time I see after one hour from the last meal I get hungry, I have a cup of tea to “trick” the stomach. It works 😀 Also, try to avoid eating too much between meals…. 5 meals a day should be enough. Well, depending on the amount of exercise you do 😉

5 Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People, Mint Schokolade
5 Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People, Mint Schokolade

Remember: it is all about being organized, and dedicating some time of the week to improve your own health and wellbeing. If you need some consulting to organize yourself, we are happy to help you 🙂

Follow Mint Schokolade on Facebook or Zouwy on Instagram to be updated of more health tricks and recipes, and a bit of fitness as well 🙂

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