Papaya Boats

Hello everybody! 🙂

The other day I had a creativity rush and I decided to enjoy a different kind of snack in the middle  of the afternoon. Between lunch and dinner I always try to eat something, so I am not starving when the night comes, and eat the whole fridge 😉

At home I had little papayas that needed to be eaten. This fruit is a great Vitamin C booster, excellent source in vitamin A and contains a lot of flavonoids. What does this mean? The papaya protects our immune system, helps protecting us from oxygen-derivated free radicals, and it is very low in calories, ideal for people with high cholesterol.

I normally cut them in half and eat the inside with the spoon. It is ideal as a dessert when you had a light lunch, for example a soup. This time, however, I emptied these mini papayas and afterwards filled them up with soja quark from Alpro, banana slices, seeds and matcha&coconut mix from Veganz.

The part of papaya I took away with the spoon I prepared a vitamin booster smoothie for the next day 🙂


Ingredients for two people:

  • 2 small size papayas
  • 4 tbsp (or to taste) soja quark
  • 1 banana
  • Veganz Matcha and Coconut powder mix to taste
  • Flax and mixed seeds to taste

Here below some pictures of the components I used for this recipe:



Firstly, I cut in half and emptied each half papayas. As previously mentioned, do not through what you take away… rather put it in a separated bowl and use it afterwards for a smoothie. The papayas are one of the healthiest fruits in the world, rich in minerals and vitamins as previously mentioned, so you should not want to through away that precious nourishment.


I have not taken a picture of the process, but it was summarized: go adding the ingredients one by one, smoothly 😉 The result? Amazing! Not only pleasant visually, but also the flavour was quite special. The mix of papaya, quark, banana and the matcha&coconut powder match perfectly.

I must admit I was a bit sceptic about the flavour mixes I was combining, but I would definitely recommend it 🙂




You can try doing papaya boats at home. In case you can not find in your city papayas, try using watermelon, pineapple or coconut.

If you have guests, I am sure they will be impressed with your cooking and presentation skills 😀


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