Catalunya Experience

Sun, beach, music…

Catalunya has a lot to offer: spectacular landscapes, open and friendly people, all day long activities and, FOOD! Who does not enjoy the food in the iberian? I do at least 😉

One of my biggest excitements indeed was not only that I was going to meet old friends and family, but also eat everyday seafood. Born in a coastal community in the Basque Country, since kid I enjoy fresh fish and seafood. Now living in the middle of Europe, I do miss that food and the seaside vibes.

I listed down the places I went and the restaurants / bars I visited, as well as some snacks we had on our trips (salty ice cream, muffins). Note that I always try to go to local places in order to ensure eating the country’s real food at good prices, and not expensive menus designed for tourists.

Enjoy the reading! 🙂

Cala treumal

Cala Treumal Bar Restaurante


Cala Treumal is placed around an hour drive (or a bit more) from Barcelona, next to Playa Santa Cristina, at the beginning of Costa Brava. There, after having a bath and sunbathe a bit, we decided to stay for lunch at the bar/restaurant they had on the small bay.

This type of bar/restaurant is called Chiringuito, and they are always placed next to the beach. They have a very simple architecture, pointing to the beach. Typically you order sangria and paella, or also seafood, and finish the meal with an ice cream 🙂 In this case, we enjoyed Mejillones al vapor and a Paella for 3 people. The mussels were clean and really well cooked, so it was the paella. Something I learnt that day is that if one paella is well cooked, you should never add lemon on it, otherwise the real flavor will vanish.




Gelat Artesa by Angelo el Helado


gelat-artesa-mintschokoladePeratallada is almost 2 hours far away from Barcelona, direction to the mountains. There you will not have any sign of sea, but the village is very medieval and cute. It is worth to visit it 🙂

There, we had two great experiences in terms of gastronomy. The first experience was this ice cream store. It may look like another one, but it is definitely not. Apart from being recognized having the best ice creams in the world, they created salty ice creams!!!!!! SALTY! How was that possible? Well, we do not know, but we had to try this innovative idea 🙂



The ice creams were served in a concrete order, and had to be eaten in that order to maximize the mix of flavors and the experience itself. We started with foie-gras ice cream with caramelized figs’ sauce, then had vermouth ice cream and end the round with the anchovy and garlic one. This last one was hard at the beginning – or nasty – however with the time it had a nice taste.

Due to our big curiosity, we took other two salty ice creams to try: olive oil and Roquefort cheese. Well, I am sorry for the olive oil ice cream, no one liked it. Nevertheless, the Roquefort one was DELICIOUS! In my opinion, that and the foie-gras ice cream were the best.

If you pass by around, do not miss this spot and try their salty options. But, be aware: they only serve them till 14:00.


Magdalenes Cal Tuset


Excuse me for the picture quality, it does not make justice to the real beauty of these muffins. Magdalenes Cal Tuset offers a limited variety of homemade muffins. You can by singles or a pack of 6 for 12 Euros.

We took to try the dark chocolate, white chocolate, blueberry, chocolate & orange, apple and walnuts & cream muffins. They were amazing, definitely one of the best muffins I have ever tried: not too oily and sugary, maintaining the real flavors of the ingredients.


Restaurante La Roca


La Roca is placed at the very beginning of the entrance to the village. I was amazed by the design of the place, i found beautiful how they played with stone walls in the toilets and fig trees outside, surrounding the big terrace, which it was divided in two areas: for casual drink and for lunch.

The service was fast and friendly. Instead of ordering a menu (it costs 20 euro not including drinks), we decided to order various dishes to share and then each one a main dish.

My favorite dish was the grilled asparagus with calcots sauce. Calcots is part of the Catalan cuisine, and therefore a must to try (click here for the recipe).  On the other hand, the main dishes were nicely presented and accompanied by seasonal grilled veggies and fresh figs. We order duck, sea bass and cod: perfectly cooked.

restaurante-la-roca-mintschokoladerestaurante-la-roca-2-copyrestaurante-la-roca-3-mintschokoladerestaurante-la-roca-6-mint schokoladerestaurante-la-roca-4-mintschokolade

Platja d’Aro

Restaurante Sant Lluis


Platja d’Aro (Playa de Aro in Spanish) is a very touristic spot in Costa Brava. Along the beach you can find a lot of shops, as well as chiringuitos and different types of restaurants. Of course, like all the touristic places, the place also offers various night clubs were locals and tourists gather together.

We decided to stop there because it was not far from Calella de Palafrugell, and we could do a bit of shopping. We went to a restaurant called Sant Lluis, where my sister was with our dad some time ago also for lunch. Sant Lluis offers different menus, from 15 euros to 20, depending what you are craving for 😉 I wanted to try fideoa, another Catalan specialty. It is very similar to paella, but instead of using rice, they use noodles and you go adding alioli sauce on the top.

This time instead of ordering Mejillones al vapor like in Cala Treumal, I decided to try Mejillones a la marinera. Once again, mussels were clean and the sauce was delicious 🙂



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