Acai bowl with fresh figs and frozen strawberries

Perfect breakfast to obtain energies for one hour and half power yoga session!

The other day I prepared as breakfast the following acai bowl with fresh figs and frozen strawberries. When I have yoga in the mornings, I always wake up around 3 hours earlier and eat breakfast: not too heavy but consistent. It is very important that by the time you start your yoga practice, the digestion is completed. In the case of power yoga, as I know I will sweat a lot, I watch out that I drink enough water during the meal.

Now, why having a light but consistent breakfast? I could choose to eat bread with butter, and drinking a glass of milk. Here goes why I do not: for me, this kind of meals give me a heavy digestion, I do not feel afterwards as fresh and happy as when I eat fruits, and they do not add any value in my fitness performance.

An acai bowl for instance it does 🙂 after this breakfast I felt great, willing to rock that morning! Acai berries are basically blueberries grown in the Amazonas, known because of their high anti-oxidant level, good vitamins and minerals. You can buy them as powder or as purée.

I have both powder from nu3 and purée from at home: I use powder for pancakes, smoothies and yogurt, while purée is like having healthy ice cream with fruits 🙂 you can also add it to smoothies, once is it a bit melted.

For today’s acai bowl, there are the ingredients:

  • 1 Fig
  • 1 pack acai berry purée
  • 25 gr (or to taste) frozen strawberries
  • Nuts (to taste)
  • 1 tbsp. almonds
  • 2 tsp. Peanut butter

acaibowl_mintschokolade acaibowl_mintschokolade

I start by placing the fruits on the bowl. You have to do the whole process quite fast, since the acai purée melts quick, and the best taste is when it is still frozen, like ice cream texture 🙂

Next are coming the nuts followed by the peanut butter. I personally like not adding lot of butter, just enough to have a hint of its taste.

acaibowl_mintschokolade acaibowl_mintschokolade acaibowl_mintschokolade acaibowl_mintschokolade

And, suddenly your acai bowl is ready!! You will see, it does not take long to prepare it 🙂 You can experiment with different fruits and list down your favorite fruit mixtures to create your perfect acai bowl!

Bon appétit 🙂


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